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5 Steps to Building a Stronger Company Culture

A strong company culture is a fundamental component of any successful, thriving business. A culture that is based on mutual values, attitudes, beliefs, and standards is not only good for the morale of the team, but it also trickles down to the experience of the customer. As you begin establishing that type of culture, it is important that you ensure that it both fits the needs and ideas of your employees but also attracts and positively impacts the precise type of customers with whom you want to do business.

Creating a strong company culture that you believe in and stand behind, requires you to have a clear, cohesive vision of your company’s direction. However, to effectively transfer that vision and culture to your team, you have to have an effective strategy. Once you have established your vision for the culture of your business, put it into place using these five steps. 

  1. Be Transparent

The primary goal in establishing an effective company culture is to make sure that every employee knows the direction your business is heading. Your employees should feel that they know the thinking, responsibilities, and strategy required at the various levels of the business and be welcome to share ideas and provide feedback no matter who they are or what their job title is.

Transparency in the business provides this level of involvement. You can implement this in your team by integrating strategies such us sharing all of the key metrics of the business with the entire company, creating a forum where employees can comfortably share ideas and questions, and publishing the direction of the business as well as the expected actions for each employee.

2. Hire Wisely

Composing your team of the right people makes all the difference in establishing an effective company culture. You can go a long way in upholding the culture you want for your business by working to recruit and hire the right people. During the recruitment process, take necessary means to find individuals whose values are consistent with your vision.

Be sure to spend enough time with the candidates so that you are able to get a feel for their motivation, prior behavior, and desires in their new role. Then, be strategic about hiring. Avoid hiring a “mini-me.” Instead, identify your own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of the team and find people who meet those needs and fill those gaps. 

3. Communicate with Your Employees

One of the biggest steps you can take toward showing your team you care about and value them is by effectively communicating with them. When employees feel cared about and valued, they do better work. Approach your employees as people first and look at their role second. Recognize their opinions and show them that you value their thinking.

From the very beginning, focus on building meaningful relationships with your employees based on open, honest communication. Encourage your employees to share their ideas and touch base with them regularly to solicit that feedback. Make time to just interact with your employees with no hidden agenda. Walk the halls and get a feel for how the culture is doing and how your employees are feeling. Creating these kinds of personal connections is an important part of making sure your employees are satisfied and that they want to work harder, stay longer, and produce more.

4. Create a Team Environment

To support the company culture, be sure to create a team environment where employees are treated as teammates who make a meaningful contribution to the business. Recognize that each individual plays a specific role and has an important part in the success of the business as a whole. Make sure all of your employees are engaged in the success of your company and that they know they are valued members of a team.

Go beyond just looking at people as their role or title, and take note of their unique abilities and talents. These unique attributes are what contribute to a winning team.

5. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

No one wants to work in a place that is all work and no play. Focus on incorporating some fun into the working atmosphere. Taking time to unwind together as a team goes a long way toward building unity within a team as well as establishing a thriving culture.

Schedule events such as half-day Fridays, indoor rock climbing adventures, and even afterhours wine tastings. Doing fun things that our out of the scope of typical work will help the team feel more comfortable together, which ultimately contributes to an effective work culture.


A great team culture is an important component of any successful business. You can cultivate a strong culture in a number of different ways, but it is important that you are transparent, hire wisely, communicate with your employees, create a team environment, and have fun! These strategies as well as a clear vision for your business will help you successfully cultivate not only an effective team but also a suitable culture for your business.

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