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“Our company culture is a big part of our success, and WooBoard has enabled us not only to recognise positive behaviour, but also reinforce our core values.”
Dane Eldridge, CEO at 4mation

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4mation is a web and software development company whose vision is “to rid the world of poor quality web solutions”. It is proudly 100% local, based in Sydney, Australia, and is resisting the trend towards off-shoring in favour of providing premium, industry-best service.

HR Manager Rob Babicci explains, “We’re extremely proud of our company culture. We’ve got a great environment and the team injects a bit of fun into everything we do. We’re also a pretty active bunch, with regular lunchtime sports. At the end of the day, though, it’s about the work and our team are passionate about learning, finding a better way, and doing work that helps our clients succeed.”


Babicci says, “The work and demands in the technology development industry are incredibly challenging, which makes it really important to remember to take a step back and reflect on the amazing things we’re achieving every day.”

The majority of the workforce at 4mation is comprised of Millennials, employees aged between 20 and 32. This brings with it a whole set of unique challenges including a much greater desire for engagement drivers such as recognition, transparency, innovation and social connectivity.


REFFIND’s Employee Recognition platform (formerly WooBoard) provides 4mation with a way to deliver transparent recognition in a matter of seconds, where individual and team successes can be celebrated as a company.

Babicci explains that REFFIND gives 4mation, “An effective way of reinforcing company values and recognise the team members who are truly living those values each day”.

4mation uses digital displays which are set up in each team area and show Woos in real-time to keeps the conversation of recognition front-of-mind throughout the day. Winners are celebrated at the beginning of each week in whole-of-team meetings.


4mation CEO Dane Eldridge says, “Our company culture is a big part of our success, and REFFIND has enabled us not only to recognise positive behaviour, but also reinforce our core values”.

Over three years, 4mation has maintained weekly engagement levels at over 80% and have seen over 12,000 moments of recognition.

The company was ranked 29th in the BRW Best Places to Work List in 2013, a catalogue of the 50 best employers in Australia based on one of the world’s most comprehensive studies and surveys of workplace culture.

REFFIND has created a public and continuous conversation of recognition which, in turn, breeds a culture of positivity and high achievement. Its reporting functionality is also used to gauge employee engagement both within teams and the broader company.

“We’ve built a passionate, fun and energised culture where employees are always happy to pitch in and constantly go far above and beyond their technical job descriptions to support each other and achieve company goals,” says Babicci.

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