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REFFIND Educate will effectively ‘bring the trainer to the learner’ by delivering online courses to any smartphone with an internet connection

About Burger Project

Burger Project is the fast-casual food venture of celebrity chef, Neil Perry AM, and his fellow Rockpool Group directors, Trish Richards and David Doyle. With the goal of taking the gourmet Rockpool Bar & Grill burger to the world, Burger Project offers high quality and affordable food.

Inspired and informed by the philosophies that have driven the Rockpool Group for the past 27 years, Burger Project is different to other fast-casual dining outlets due to its adherence to strong core values around quality, integrity, sustainability and community. It expects its staff to work by these values each day.

With two existing outlets in Sydney, customers can see the daily activity of Burger Project’s staff in the restaurants’ open kitchens when they come in to order. Everything is house-made from top ingredients to ensure freshness and genuine quality. This is at the heart of the pledge from which the company never wavers.


Burger Project has aspirations to grow from its two existing Sydney outlets to over 50 within a few years. The challenge of this growth is that customers expect to receive consistently high quality service and cuisine when they dine at any of the chain’s restaurants. Consistency is key, because with consistency comes dependability, and with dependability comes customer loyalty.

To achieve the quality and consistency it promises, Burger Project had already developed some short form videos to train its employees, which ranged from basic food-handling skills to customer service, then training and supervising.

Given the industry is desperate for good staff, the company also runs a program to introduce roles in hospitality and offer a pathway for young people with minimal experience. Burger Project is keen to grow its store managers and senior staff to embed its culture of care, high energy and enthusiasm across all restaurants.

To achieve this, the company needs a solution to roll out training in a consistent manner to staff, typically a blend of casual and permanent employees between 17 and 25 years of age. The training has to be modern and native, to appeal to the demographic, and readily accessible for them.


Burger Project sought a reliable mobile education platform that will be available to employees at any time, from any location. To maximise participation, it was important that the process be fun, innovative, and engaging.

REFFIND’s Educate product fit the bill. It replaces time-consuming and costly traditional forms of training by delivering the ability to send content such as short video clips to mobile employees. For instance, it can convey a video message from the CEO, send timely messages on changes to company policies or compliance requirements and deliver new product training. Content can be delivered in a single module or chained together into a course.

Burger Project’s staff will be able to conduct all of their initial training on their smartphone. A follow-up survey will ensure they have understood the content and, if they ever need a refresher, they can easily access the training content. Information about new products or processes will also be communicated to all staff across the chain, regardless of their working hours.

Menu and staff


REFFIND Educate will help Burger Project achieve its business goals and ensure consistency in its day-to-day operations – an important factor in maintaining high standards and keeping its brand pledge.

It will effectively ‘bring the trainer to the learner’ by delivering online courses to any smartphone with an internet connection. Training ensures all new employees will know how to consistently perform their tasks according to the standards, policies, procedures, processes, practices and systems that have been specifically designed to meet the company’s requirements.

Best of all, the company will be able to track learner progress and staff feedback in real time – increasing the quality of the learning experience.

Burger Project's Neil Perry

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