Taking the Pulse of Employee Engagement

“REFFIND has given us valuable insight into what aligns and engages staff. Plus, our people appreciate the opportunity to play a part in directing the organisation on its journey of continuous improvement.”

Our customer, a leader in the Financial Services industry was founded on the simple but bold idea that individuals should have the power and ability to control their lives. This core philosophy is reflected in the company’s services, and also extends to its corporate culture.

Businesses with strong values, driven from the top down, have the potential to attract and retain the best talent to directly affect their bottom line. But for values to make a positive impact, they need to be a part of the corporate fabric—something that people live and breathe on a daily basis.


The company had invested much time, effort and money in defining its values, entailing a complete transformation project and rollout to ensure they were embedded into its culture. This included describing the behaviours every person in the organisation needed to live out, every day, to achieve its strategy and help its customers.

It now wanted to seek employee feedback: what its people thought of its values (or even knew what they were), whether day-to-day practices conflicted or contradicted them, how successful its values were at driving behaviours and how effective management practices were in fostering them.

To collect and analyse this feedback, the company needed a mechanism to measure exactly how its values were being brought to life throughout the organisation.

Initially, it wanted to establish benchmark then take a regular ‘pulse’ to indicate how its values were being observed. This would create a narrative on how employees were adopting these values, in order to turn these insights into actions – to make informed decisions on how to align and motivate staff. It was also important to provide feedback to its leadership team on how successfully they were communicating and exemplifying the values and behaviours to their teams.


Our customer sought a reliable survey platform that was available to employees at any time, from any location. To maximise participation, it was important that the process would be fun, innovative and engaging.

Another criterion was the ability to respond rapidly to results. According to the company, “It’s critical to be able to take immediate action based on the employee feedback we are capturing. By using REFFIND, we’re able to keep our research in-house because it’s so easy to manage surveys and analyse the data.”

REFFIND was initially piloted with a small group, tailored to the company’s needs and branding. Following a successful pilot, the platform was rolled out more broadly across the organisation. As well as taking the pulse of company values, subsequent surveys would:

  • Collect employee feedback to continually improve the work environment
  • Measure Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS)
  • Test new concepts, such as price sensitivity, before introducing new products to the market
  • Capture feedback from the salesforce to evaluate marketing campaigns and create more effective programs
  • Measure employee satisfaction to take timely action as needed


When the company launched the platform it was impressed with the participation rate that was 50% higher than its’ historical web-based surveys. It also experienced a higher retention rate than using traditional survey tools, due to the simple, mobile nature of the platform.

One of the first findings was that communications about corporate values were ‘too complicated’, possibly because they were driven by change management. REFFIND is now established as a ‘listening tool’ to measure input on other important workplace issues. It has also has been delivering real-time employee feedback to managers, product management, marketing and sales to drive business improvements.

The company says that, “REFFIND has given us valuable insight into what aligns and engages staff. Plus, our people appreciate the opportunity to play a part in directing the organisation on its journey of continuous improvement. This has enabled us to implement new ways of working to get the best out of our staff and create a happy, healthier working environment.”

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