Reinventing Loyalty Through Blockchain

about Loyyal

The internet of loyalty

The Loyyal solution is designed to transform the management and delivery of countless forms of incentives using proprietary blockchain and smart contract technology.

Reffind is leading the way in implementing the Loyyal platform across the Asia Pacific region.

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The challenges



Constrained by fragmented technology.


onboarding partners

Complex. slow and expensive.


program interoperability

Requires inefficient, varied protocols.


Rejects & reconciliation

Mismatch processing costs time & revenue.


earn delays

Up to 30 days for points to hit accounts.


liability Management

Points cost averaging rather than true cost.

Loyyal solution

A global permissioned blockchain of program operators, along with earning & redemption partners.

Blockchain benefits all operators and partners, multiplied by a network effect, yielding a paradigm shift for the loyalty industry.

With Loyyal you can

extend partner network

Increase member engagement and grow your network of relevant partners, while reducing costs and accelerating reconciliation & settlement.

expand marketing capabilities

Personalize offers and promotions with near real-time insights into individual member behaviors and interests while sharing data with partners more securely than ever before.

enhance program profitability

Trace the true value of all loyalty currency through the entire program lifecycle, and improve revenue management by redeeming the most profitable points/miles first.

loyyal use cases


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Major airline loyalty programs need to process earn files from program partners to ensure members receive their points and miles. For many program partners this is conducted on a monthly basis, and is often affected by data mismatches. The result?

Members receive their points or miles up to 30 days after they earn them. If the member data doesn’t match their profile in the loyalty platform, the mismatch will generate a reject record, which the earn partner needs to fix or them member won’t receive their points. And with data mismatches comes disputes over invoices.

Loyyal has solved these problems for a major middle-eastern airline. The Loyyal platform integration has eliminated miles accrual and invoice reconciliation mismatches, enabled real-time earn, facilitated faster and easier onboarding of earn and redemption partners and enabled rapid set-up of new promotional campaigns.


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Deloitte set themselves the challenge of enhancing staff engagement with Blockchain-based incentivisation.

As a global consultancy, they needed to incentivise many thousands of associates all around the world while maintaining consistency.

Utilising the Loyyal platform, they now have a program which supports multiple currencies, from points to badges, all stored in one easy-to-use wallet.

They also have a global leaderboard powered by Loyyal APIs.

And redemption on reward products is available through multiple 3rd party partners on Loyyal’s network, making this one of the most modern reward programs in the world.



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Hawk Incentives, a US based digital card provider, has integrated with the Loyyal platform to support better loyalty program redemptions.

Points and miles earned across any program on the Loyyal network can be redeemed on Hawk Incentives gift cards.

Programs can choose to offer physical or electronic gift cards from over 120 brands or Visa/MasterCard prepaid debit cards.

Any program operator on the Loyyal network can use smart contracts to permission customer access for BlackHawk offers, a core feature of the platform.


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Loyyal launched the world’s first blockchain loyalty coalition program in 2016 in Dubai City.

Globally owned, operated & white-labelled by Dubai-based GlobalCo, the program connected multiple government entities and commercial businesses with blockchain.

The loyalty points earned by members were branded and defined with smart contracts for multiple purposes. The interactive, tokenised points were accrued and tracked using proximity recognition allowing for instant release based on tracked behaviour.

The program delivers member and rewards engagement in near real-time.

value added resellers & integration partners




Blockchain Loyalty provides deep insight into how this new type of program design is disrupting loyalty and reinventing marketing.

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