Prize Draw (Trade Promotion Lottery) Terms & Conditions


The promoter of this competition is REFFIND Ltd (ACN 600 717 539 / ABN 646 007 175 39), Level 7, 15-17 Young St,  Sydney NSW 2000. Phone 1300 491 049.

REFFIND delivers technology to help employers manage their employee referral programs more effectively. Part of this technology solution is a mobile phone application that company employees will use to make referrals.

The Competition

This competition is known as the “REFFIND Employee Engagement Lottery”.

This competition is a game of chance with the goal of the lottery to promote and encourage user adoption of the REFFIND mobile application.

REFFIND will award the users of the REFFIND application points for various actions (e.g making an employee referral). Each point that is awarded for using the REFFIND application is the equivalent of one ticket in the lottery (or one chance of winning).

Conditions of Entry

Entry is open to users of the REFFIND mobile application who have met the following criteria during any given prize period:

  1. Are currently employed in a company that is a current paying customer of REFFIND. The date of the draw must be after the official launch date for that company, as agreed by the company involved.
  2.  Are 15 years or over.
  3. Have downloaded the REFFIND mobile application and have earned tickets in the draw by using the application during the specific prize period.
  4. Have verified their identity via email or QR Code authentication.
  5. Are residents of Australia or any other country.
  6. In the event that REFFIND introduces a specific lottery for customers in another country aside from Australia, that country’s residents shall only be eligible for prizes in that country’s lottery, and Australian users will not be eligible for prizes in that country’s lottery.
  7. In the event that REFFIND introduces a separate lottery for a specific company, users linked to that company may only be eligible for prizes in that company’s lottery. The decision on lottery eligibility will be made by REFFIND management in combination with the company involved.
  8. In the event that that users are residents of another country aside from Australia, and that country’s laws prohibit lottery prizes being awarded to its residents under Australian lottery licences or without a permit that REFFIND has not yet obtained, those users will be ineligible for prizes in this lottery.

Directors, officers, management and employees (and their immediate families) of REFFIND Ltd are not eligible to participate in the competition.

If a user of the REFFIND application does not wish to participate in the competition, they can opt out of by unchecking the option to “Participate in lottery” in their profile settings page of the mobile application.

How to Enter

There is no cost to enter the REFFIND lottery.

Entry in the competition is automatic when you use our REFFIND mobile phone application. Each point that is earned using our REFFIND application equates to one ticket (one chance) in the lottery.

Start Date

The lottery will begin on Friday 29 Jan 2016 and will operate each week after that.

End Date

The lottery will operate weekly until Friday 27 January 2017.

Lottery Timing For The Weekly Draw

All times indicated are for Sydney, Australia.

Entries open at 12:00pm (Sydney time) each Friday and close at 11:59am the following Friday. Entries are made automatically based on usage of the application. The time of the entry is determined by the timestamped entry made in the REFFIND server.

The winner will be drawn at 3pm on the day that the lottery has closed.

A new weekly draw will commence at 12:00pm and all points accumulated will count towards the following weeks draw.

The Draw

The draw will occur at 3pm each Friday (Sydney time). The draw will occur by an approved electronic draw system hosted by AndMine.AndMine is approved for use in Australia (SA Approval Number 1100).

The Draw Procedure

At 12:00pm each Friday the REFFIND database server will generate a CSV file containing all entrants for the previous week. This file will contain one row for each entry ticket in the competition.

This file will be emailed to the lottery coordinator at which will be loaded into electronic drawing system.

TheAndMine electronic drawing system will draw the winner @ 3pm each Friday (Sydney time) and notify the REFFIND servers via email. Upon receipt of this message REFFIND will immediately post the winner on a publicly available web page found on

Notification of Prize Winners

Prize winners will be notified via phone, email, and mobile push notification (where push notifications are enabled by winner) on the same day as the lottery is drawn.

Publishing Winners

Winners names will be published on a publicly accessible link accessible from the REFFIND web site. (


REFFIND will determine the lottery prize on a week by week basis and will post the prize for the coming week on the lottery screen of our application as soon as the new lottery period commences. The prize/prizes for the current lottery period will be displayed by the application from 12:00am on Saturday until 11:59pm the following Friday.

The maximum value of the weekly prize will not exceed $1,000AUD and the minimum value will not be less than $100.00AUD. The prize may consist of one single larger prize, or multiple prizes up to a maximum of $1,000AUD.

Prizes may not be redeemed for cash.

Prizes are not transferrable and must be claimed by the winner.

Total Prize Value for Permit Period

  1. Total prize value value for the NSW permit period is $100,000.

Unclaimed Prizes

Unclaimed prizes will be held by REFFIND for 3 months while we try to contact the winner. If the winner can not be contacted, REFFIND will seek to redraw the lottery and assign the prize to a new winner.

Other Conditions

Prize winners may be asked to consent to their name and image being used in promotional material. REFFIND Ltd will not use their name or image for any promotion without their consent.

The promoter and its associated agencies and companies will not be liable for any loss (including without limitation, indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits), expense, damage, personal injury or death which is suffered or sustained (whether or not arising from any person’s negligence) in connection with this competition or accepting or using any prize, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law.

The Prize Draw is not sponsored by Apple.

The promoter reserves the right to amend any details without notice.

Lottery Permit Numbers

  1. NSW permit number : LTPM/16/00079

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