Wow New Employees and Set Them Up for Success

Empower New Hires with the Information They Need to Succeed

The onboarding process can be tedious and confusing to new employees when they’re eager to hit the ground running.
REFFIND enables you to deliver a positive first impression with a fast, simple and fun way to get your new recruits up to
speed in their new role.

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Companies that pre-board are 11% more
likely to retain first-year employees
Allied Workforce Mobility Survey


It typically takes 8 months for a newly
hired employee to reach full


Best-in-class companies with an engaging
onboarding program retain 91% of their
first-year hires


Best-in-class companies are 35% more
likely to begin onboarding processes
before day one


One in 25 new employees quits on the first
day due to a terrible onboarding
Kevin Sheridan


69% of employees are more likely to stay
with a company for 3 years if they
experienced great onboarding

3 Reasons to Use Mobile Video for Onboarding


Consistency & Personalization
Communicate your company culture and
policies in a consistent way – so your new
hires will be productive from Day One


Pre-Board New Hires
Help new hires feel engaged, included and
excited about their role with welcome
videos and training content


Reduced Onboarding Costs
One-time recordings of training eliminate
travel and costly management resource

Who’s doing it?


Discover how Neil Perry’s fast-casual Burger Project chain is using REFFIND’s reliable mobile platform to
onboard young new staff fast in a fun, innovative, engaging way – it’s rapidly expanding and maintaining
its promise of consistent customer experience.

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