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Recognise and Applaud Good Work to Create a Positive Environment That Results in a Great Customer Experience

Previously known as WooBoard, our employee recognition platform lets you recognise and reward employees instantly using a gamified, social cloud-based platform. Built for today’s workforce, it lets your people recognise (or woo) each other and celebrate success every day.

REFFIND is the better way to appreciate employees, connect teams and make engagement happen.

The Traditional Way



Employee Recognition Impacts the Bottom Line

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“Making engagement happen will be the single most important business challenge of the next decade and the focal point of the war for talent.”
Aon Hewitt, Trends in Global Employee Engagement, 2014

The Traditional Way

  • Top-down recognition is not always visible across the organisation
  • Recognition unaligned with company values
  • Scheduled company event
  • Old fashioned


  • Peer recognition celebrates wins as a team, starts a conversation of recognition
  • Brings company values to life in a unified culture where employees are motivated to achieve them
  • Spontaneous appreciation feels more real, while thanks received later can feel like an afterthought
  • Leverages ubiquitous social technology

How It Works

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Recognition, Delivered Right

Intuitive design makes it easy to give recognition that is instant, public and meaningful. Customised to your company branding.

Social #engage #connect

Celebrate wins as a team and start a conversation of recognition. Tap into the pulse of company culture.

Easy to Deploy

If you don’t have the time to roll-out and manage a recognition program, we can help you every step of the way.


Embrace includes fully integrated and automated rewards management for fun, innovative and simple engagement

Social + Gamification

Leverage the best of social media and gamification to drive a daily conversation of recognition

Rewards Made Easy

Activate the Rewards Store and allow employees to redeem their points for popular gift cards

Insightful Reports

Useful reports and analytics at your fingertips deliver real insights into engagement, culture adoption, company values and talent

Recognising Great Work With WooBoard

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