Job Referrals Made Easy

Supercharge Your Employee Referral Program by Empowering Employees to Refer Great Talent

Did you know the most successful hires are typically made through referrals from your staff?

REFFIND provides a quick, easy and fun way for your employees to share your company’s job vacancies with their closest contacts.

“Employee referral programs are the most powerful corporate recruiting tool, bar none.”
Dr John Sullivan, internationally renowned HR thought-leader

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The Traditional Way


1 out of 18

candidates from other sources are hired


Employee retention of candidates from job boards after 2 years


The REFFIND Employ Way


1 out of 4

referred candidates are hired


Employee retention of referral candidates after 2 years

The Traditional Way

  • High recruitment costs, high effort and low quality
  • Choice limited by agency connections and pool
  • Disconnected platforms and tools
  • Slow response times


  • Employee referrals made easy with staff app and incentives
  • Maximise choice and quality through existing employees
  • Track success of recruitment via dashboard tools
  • High volume, real time responses

See How Easy It Is for Employees to Refer Great Talent

How It Works

Employ images

1: Swipe Right to Refer Jobs

Employees download the REFFIND app and it serves jobs from your company career site each morning – right in time to complement their morning coffee

2: Choose the Right Candidate

Your employees tell you if they know someone suitable for a job by referring them

3: Share the Opportunities

Your employees have the chance to win great rewards, their contacts find out about great job opportunities and your company gets amazing candidate referrals!


25% More Profit

25% more profit produced by hires sourced by referrals compared to other sources

Source: The Alexander Group


Find the Right Quality People

REFFIND empowers your employees to refer jobs to trusted connections in their network in a quick, easy and timely manner

Quality Referrals at a Lower Cost

Studies continue to show that staff referrals are the #1 source of quality candidates and hires who can start faster, perform better and have greater job satisfaction/stay longer

Non-Disruptive, Immediate Results

The REFFIND app seamlessly complements your referral program… no need to bother your IT department or change your company’s policies

No IT Required

You supply your career site URL and we’ll take care of the rest. Our tech team works with yours… create and list your jobs just like you always have.

No Change to Your Process

We don’t interfere with any of your company’s policies or systems. Our app seamlessly complements your referral programs.

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