Take the Pulse of Your Employees More Often

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Check the Pulse of Your Workforce More Regularly and Stay on Top of Relevant Issues – as They Unfold

REFFIND allows you to listen to your workforce and gather their feedback in real time through employee pulse checks – delivering a fun new way to measure employee engagement and job satisfaction.

The Traditional Way

Engage - Traditional

Annual engagement surveys

Lower quality and quantity of answers



Engage - Reffind

Regular pulse surveys

Smaller sets of more frequent questions

The Traditional Way

  • Employee engagement surveys conducted annually
  • Long and onerous to complete = low response rates
  • Time lapse means employees don’t provide quality, relevant responses
  • Slow response to issues gives employees the impression you don’t care


  • Ability to take employees’ pulse frequently
  • Short and easy to complete = higher response rates
  • Immediacy results in frank and pertinent responses
  • Rapid response to issues enhances employee satisfaction

See How Easy It Is for Employees to Provide Feedback

How It Works

Get instant employee feedback via a simple and easy-to-use mobile platform

Engage screenshots

1: Set up Survey

Set up survey questions and categories in our simple and intuitive Content Manager. Design your own survey or choose one from our content store.

2: Ask Your Employees

The REFFIND app will serve up questions directly for your employees to answer when and where they want.

3: Get Real-Time Feedback

Real-time results allow you to take action. Track engagement trends and see what works for your employees and what doesn’t.


REFFIND is more effective than run-of-the-mill annual surveys, takes less time to implement, collects more data and delivers higher participation rates

Quick and Easy for Employees

A quick and simple way to determine employee engagement with a fun-to-use mobile application – resulting in higher response rates than traditional annual surveys

Take the Pulse More Frequently

A culture of asking for employee feedback creates happier, more engaged employees – in turn creating a more positive corporate culture

Near Real-Time Measurement

Receiving feedback so often and so quickly means you can action insights to improve morale and employee satisfaction immediately

No IT Required

Create a survey in minutes and as many times as you want – REFFIND subscribers can send unlimited surveys.

No Change to Your Process

We don’t interfere with any of your company’s policies – our app seamlessly complements your existing engagement measurement programs.

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