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Develop and Coach Employees Anywhere Anytime via Short Form Training Videos

REFFIND enables you to deliver short-form videos to employees via their smartphones and mobile devices. Whether onboarding, compliance or product training, it’s a fast, simple and fun way to educate and communicate with your employees.

The Traditional Way


38% of workers say they have workplace opportunities for learning and growth


40% say they don’t have time to do the training they need



Educate - Reffind

3 to 7

3 to 7 minute chunks matches the brain’s working memory and attention span

The Traditional Way

  • Classroom-based or lengthy online courses
  • One size fits all trainees
  • Employees must fit in with training schedules
  • Expensive to run, with constant pressure to build more courses


  • Short bursts of education bring the trainer to the trainee
  • Engaging, mobile-based learning enables staff to work at their own pace
  • Ultra-portable, can be done anywhere anytime
  • Lower cost way to deliver more training, more conveniently

How It Works

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1: Deliver Short Form Video Training

Deliver short modules of information and learning assets that can be consumed anywhere in just a few minutes via a smartphone or mobile device.

2: Assess Comprehension with Quizzes

Each module ends with a review or quiz to ensure your employees’ involvement and comprehension.

3: Insightful Reporting

Real-time results are now available for your organisation to take action. Track who has completed the training and employee commitment.


Make education easily accessible for your employees

Flexibility for Learners

Learning is no longer limited by place or time! Deliver short bursts of information and learning assets that can be consumed anywhere via a smartphone or mobile device.

Better Completion Rates, Higher Retention

Content presented in concise chunks enables learners to complete courses when they want, then initiate the next course as well.

Insightful Reporting

You have the ability to track who has completed what training and review employee commitments.

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