Loyyal leading the world in enterprise blockchain loyalty

Founded in 2014, Loyyal is an enterprise-grade Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform with a significant client portfolio including a major middle-eastern airline, Star AllianceDeloitte, a large Canadian bank, Hawk Incentives (a Blackhawk Network company) and Bond Brand Loyalty.

Loyyal’s patented, 4th generation BaaS platform is in production, and managing transactions around the world, today.

In a market segment long overdue for innovation where some systems are 35+ years old, Loyyal has delivered a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform which meets the stringent security, performance scalability, KYCAML, and resiliency requirements of the Financial Services sector, and global travel providers who operate in multi-jurisdiction regulatory environments.

Loyyal’s platform is designed to extend, enhance, and integrate the multi-billion dollar investment into existing CRM, loyalty and ERP platforms made by program operators today, while fully respecting their brand equity and the $5 trillion+ in loyalty currencies in circulation globally, by not competing with a consumer-facing token or cryptocurrency.

This is an astute move, particularly in light of the struggles facing cryptocurrency-powered blockchain loyalty programs; most are failing to grow their merchant and member bases while suffering large-scale crashes in their token prices.

While industry naysayers claim blockchain has no role to play in airline loyalty programs, and others declaring it is a solution in search of a problem, Loyyal is busy solving real-world problems for major airlines (and other non-airline companies) with their Hyperledger-based platform.

Some of the challenges loyalty program operators face include:

  • Current loyalty legacy technology is expensive to manage, scale and integrate:
    • Innovation is constrained by fragmented technology
    • Onboarding earn and redemption partners can be complex, slow and expensive
    • Program interoperability requires inefficient, varied protocols
  • Loyalty transactional processes are based on 1980’s designs:
    • Rejects & reconciliation issues caused by data mismatches requires significant manual processing costing time & revenue
    • Points & miles can take up to 30 days to hit accounts in an era where immediacy is an expectation

There are an estimated US$500bn of points & miles in circulation and over 3.8bn loyalty accounts in the US alone. In this massive, global loyalty industry, small efficiencies gains can deliver multi-million dollar benefits.

Loyyal’s mission is to build the Internet of Loyalty®; a global permissioned blockchain of program operators, along with earning & redemption partners.

The Loyyal platform integrates with existing legacy loyalty systems to deliver:

  • Faster onboarding of new partners
  • Streamlined reconciliation & settlement processed
  • Simplify data sharing among partners with near-zero IT time & effort
  • The enablement of multi-program promotions more easily, with shared liability
  • The ability to develop broader insight into member behaviours, including across partner programs
  • The capacity to merchandise targeted promotions more precisely, and in near real-time

One company utilising Loyyal is a major middle-eastern airline, who have managed to replace a two-way cumbersome reconciliation & verification process by a single step with distributed trust, a solution which saves them and their partners countless hours and revenue while improving the member experience by reducing the incidence of errors.

Loyyal are operating on a global level with a presence in the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia/NZ (courtesy of their partnership with REFFIND). Their reach includes significant partnerships with IBMDeloitteCap Gemini and Accenture making them the most successful and established blockchain loyalty company in the world to date, with not a cryptocurrency or token in site.

Does your airline loyalty program need blockchain? Loyyal is quickly proving the answer is Yes.

Philip Shelper is a loyalty management consultant based in Sydney, Australia who obsesses about everything to do with loyalty and rewards. His company Loyalty & Reward Co are a leading loyalty consulting firm.

Phil is the author of Blockchain Loyalty: Disrupting loyalty and reinventing marketing using cryptocurrencies. Buy the book.

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